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Hatch’s Map

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Some members of APAI (the anti-project group, the Association to Protect Amherst Island) decided to send a one-pager to all the island residents letting them know what to expect in terms of noise and flicker.  As they dove into the developer’s noise map and flicker study they quickly discovered that the noise map was largely […]

On my WFR site I created Google Earth maps with pushpins showing where there are (or will be) wind turbines. To take that one step further I have now created a 3-D model of a wind turbine that reflects how it will actually look. Below are some screen shots of sample viewpoints. For those who […]

With the publication of the draft plan, Algonquin/Stantec released the UTM’s – that’s the Universal Transverse Mecator grid system – that locates “exactly” where the turbines will be located and locates “exactly” where the receptors are located.  We may consider ourselves real human beings, but to the developer we’re merely “receptors”.  Nice, eh?  I’ll admit, […]

Today Algonquin released the draft site plan for the Amherst Island project.  It looks surprisingly similar to the preliminary draft site plan that was released on December 6, 2011 at the open house.  There are 37 turbines, still at 2.3MW each, for a total of 85.1MW, far above the OPA contracted 75MW.  Earlier Algonquin was […]

Below is a click-to-enlarge composite of the 4 wind energy projects that are at least far enough along to have definite numbers and placements of turbines.  The 4 projects are Wolfe Island, Amherst Island, White Pines and Ostrander Point.  All of these are Important Bird Areas.  And Ontario isn’t done.  There are plans for additional […]

AI – The Maps

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Algonquin/Gaia/Windlectric had their first open house last night, Dec 6, 2011, on the Island.  I didn’t attend, but I’ve talked to several people who did and they all agreed that it was quite a meeting.  Demonstrations, chants, placards.  A couple of plainsclothes were on hand, and it was probably just as well.  The proponents can […]