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Dec 7, 2011 – East Lake Ontario

Below is a click-to-enlarge composite of the 4 wind energy projects that are at least far enough along to have definite numbers and placements of turbines.  The 4 projects are Wolfe Island, Amherst Island, White Pines and Ostrander Point.  All of these are Important Bird Areas.  And Ontario isn’t done.  There are plans for additional projects in the remaining gaps.  Look and weep.


One of the projects that was awarded a power-purchase contract in the OPA’s second round of awards was Ernestown, Ontario.  It is located on the Ontario mainland slightly inland and across from Amherst Island.  It’s a small project, 10mw.

The company developing the Ernestown project is named, appropriately enough, the Ernestown Windpark LLC. It is a private corporation, owned by one family, and claims to have some experience with wind projects, although they don’t say where. They have a web site: Using an LLC to own each project individually is a common practice – if this project goes south for some reason (i.e. a blade comes off and hits a school bus) the only assets they have are this one project. On June 14, 2010 they made a presentation to the Loyalist Township Council.

At the same time, Ernestown Windpark published their draft project description. Not much in it except the usual fluff. They don’t yet know anything about the turbines, like what type or how many or where. There doesn’t look to be many homes nearby – mostly along the northern boundary. I’ll be among the closest residents on Amhest Island to it, about 5500 metres from the southern edge of the project boundary. I’m betting I’ll be able to hear it – we’ll see.

Below is a clickable picture of where the project is located.