AI – the Liaison Committee

In an attempt to look like they are “consulting” with the locals, Stantec/Algonquin has formed a liaison committee, which apparently had a meeting back in July 2011.  There are 4 locals on the committee (Tom Sylvester, Nancy Pearson, Zander Dunn, Janet Scott) along with two Stantec folks and Sean Fairfield from Algonquin.  The first two are participants while the other two haven’t, to my knowledge, opined one way or the other on the wind turbines.  There is nobody from either of the two local protest groups on the committee.  That’s probably just as well.  The main reason this committee exists is to co-op the opposition and provide the appearance of consulting with the locals.   Knowing that this committee has no power and likely will have no significant influence, I doubt any opponents would bother with it.

Link: First meeting welcoming slides.

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