Dec 7, 2011 – East Lake Ontario

Below is a click-to-enlarge composite of the 4 wind energy projects that are at least far enough along to have definite numbers and placements of turbines.  The 4 projects are Wolfe Island, Amherst Island, White Pines and Ostrander Point.  All of these are Important Bird Areas.  And Ontario isn’t done.  There are plans for additional projects in the remaining gaps.  Look and weep.

One thought on “Dec 7, 2011 – East Lake Ontario”

  1. I wonder how many of the endangered species that frequent and/or overwinter on Amherst Island it’s “OK” with the MOE to kill. The bird-kill rate on Wolfe Island is horrendous, and Amherst Island has more owls than Wolfe Island does. What a travesty that the Ministry of the Environment has allowed this!

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