AI – The CRCA Report

The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority has issued a report concerning the project on Amherst Island.  The CRCA is a regulatory agency that reviews development permits in the area around Kingston.  They are also the owner of about 90 acres that abuts the Owl Woods, an internationally-recognized wintering spot for large number of owls of differing species, some of which are quite rare.

Their concerns with the project are summarized in the following paragraph:

Information and discussions with the proponent indicate an awareness of the ecological features of Amherst Island (owl woods, wetlands, forests, aquatic features etc). The extent to which these features are being addressed or investigated is not clearly understood (in part related to the required timing in the approval process).

By “not clearly understood” I think they really mean “likely to be ignored” but they are far too diplomatic. The Report goes on for 7 pages containing some of the details of their concerns.

Link to the CRCA Report

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