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Eric Gillespie is a lawyer who has been deeply involved in bringing legal action against both wind developers and the government for their disregard for the damage they are doing to the health of the neighbors of their projects.  For example, he was the lead attorney in the Kent Breeze suit, which for the first time forced a government body to acknowledge that “The evidence presented to the Tribunal demonstrates that they can [cause harm to humans], if facilities are placed too close to residents.”  Unfortunately, the legal bar set by the GEA is that the residents must prove that the project will be harmful, a bar that is almost impossible to clear, at least until the project is actually built and placed into operation.  Once the project is in place and if harm does occur then we’re into another and potentially uglier legal morass, one that is being initiated as I write [backup link].

Eric has apparently been retained by APAI and has sent a letter to Algonquin.  The essence of the letter is that Algonquin must, as part of the Renewable Energy Approval process, fully and accurately describe any potential health effects of the project.  In Algonquin’s Description Report they state “There is no scientific evidence, to date, to demonstrate a causal association between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects.”  Eric then presents 7 pages of scientific, court-accepted evidence that wind turbine noise does have adverse health effects.  He states the obvious “This conclusion is untenable.”  His last point is that now that they have been notified of the dangers, “Algonquin’s failure to include such information could be viewed as negligent misrepresentation and be actionable.”


Eric Gillespie Letter to Algonquin

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