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With the publication of the draft plan, Algonquin/Stantec released the UTM’s – that’s the Universal Transverse Mecator grid system – that locates “exactly” where the turbines will be located and locates “exactly” where the receptors are located.  We may consider ourselves real human beings, but to the developer we’re merely “receptors”.  Nice, eh?  I’ll admit, the definition of receptor includes things besides homes and humans, namely vacant lots.

I’ve taken the UTM’s (roughly 700 of them on AI) and created a Google Earth map of the Island with all the turbines and receptors located per the draft plan.  The turbines are yellow, the existing homes are red, the vacant lots are green and those locations I haven’t sorted yet are gray.  Here’s the overall picture (clickable, thank goodness, but still too small):For the first time, we can now see where Algonquin has officially located the turbines and where they consider the vacant-lot receptors to be located.  Recall that according to the GEA, the developer gets to pick where they think you should build your house.  Of course they will pick as far from their turbines as possible, so as to keep the noise level down.

There are some things you need to be aware of with Google Earth.  Unfortunately, they only have fairly low-resolution pictures for Amherst Island.  That’s a shame, because often you can’t really tell where the “thumbtack” is located.  Additionally, Google has to splice together different pictures and sometimes where the pictures meet is off a little.  Again unfortunately, there is such a jog in between T6 and the school, so if you use the ruler to measure the distance it will indicate shorter than it is, by roughly 50m.

In addition to the Google Earth map, I’ve got a spreadsheet that calculates the distances from all the receptors to all of the turbines, using the UTM’s supplied by the developers.  This spreadsheet uses just the numbers from them, so if there is a mistake it is with their numbers.  If you want find out how far you are from the nearest turbine, as well as the others, send an email to with your receptor number and I’ll get back to you.

If you have Google Earth (or can install it) I can send you the kml file that creates the map.  This way you can zoom in on your neighborhood and see where Algonquin located your home (within Google’s limitations) as well as placed your future home on a vacant lot.  Again, email me as above.  It is quite easy to bring these definitions into your copy of GE.  And if you spot something that is incorrect please let me know and I’ll check it out.

I have to comment on the pathetic quality of the numbers Algonquin provided.  There just isn’t room to recall all the errors I found.  There were any number of missing receptors especially for vacant lots and erroneous indications of what was vacant and what was not.  There were also numerous differences between the preliminary draft noise report, released on December 6 at the open house, and the final draft report, released February 1st.  It seems that Algonquin was so eager to shut down the filing of new building permits that they rushed in a crappy unfinished plan.  In any other line of business, work of this poor quality would probably end up in the trash, but in Ontario wind developers can do no wrong.

6 thoughts on “AI on Google Earth”

  1. This looks more like the detailed plans of an armed attack by a very malicious army, not a “warm and fuzzy environmentally friendly renewable energy project”!
    But then there are always a certain amount of “acceptable casualties” in a War! …oops I mean “renewable project”

  2. It simply sickens me. One area of Ontario (And Canada) after another, taken by these wind manipulators (the companies who are putting these things in place)!

  3. i hear all the wind power (big business self employment) projects equal 2% of the country’s power supply???????…… nuclear(proud canadian development used to be) could preserve a lot of nice scenery,STOP a lot of cancerous megasaurus wasteland development,keep this country REAL GREEN.(NOT JUST CERTAIN LANDOWNERS,CERTAIN POLITICIAN TYPES, snakeoil GENERATOR SALESMEN POCKETS FULL OF GREEN….YOUR GREEN.)……is this power for our theoretical use some day or will we pay the states to take it too?????

  4. take a drive to scenic wolfe island, Gerrasic park?…..get within 50 kilometers will do it….man’s beautiful best power alternative…..excuse my embarrassment….sorry people of the wolfe….

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