Visit to the KFL&A Health Unit

Amherst Island is in Lennox and Addington county and from a pubic health perspective is covered by the KFL&A Public Health Unit (K=Kingston, F=Frontenac).  To date they have been supportive of the position articulated by the Ontario public health department and Arlene King, namely that there is no direct causal health effects of wind turbines.  Never mind that there have now been over a hundred such complaints in Ontario and the King report never even tried to find out about indirect health effects, like loss of sleep.

One of the main linchpins of the health unit’s position are the studies of Eja Pedersen.  I’ve posted earlier on how the conditions in her Swedish studies really have very little in common with Ontario’s.  She was also involved in a study in the Netherlands that also is used as evidence that wind turbines do not cause health issues, and what health issues exist are more likely due to factors other than the noise.  John Harrison has taken a closer look at the Netherlands study and finds that the self-serving conclusions the wind industry pulls from this study do not stand up to closer scrutiny.   In short, the levels of sleep disturbance and annoyance are closely aligned with the noise level from the turbines.

Armed with her own research and John’s paper, Carmen Krough addressed the issue with the health board in a fairly unusual meeting yesterday.  Indications from observers were that the presentation went well, but only time will tell if the health unit’s stance will be materially affected.

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