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I recently posted on John Harrison’s research into flicker caused by the shadows thrown by the wind turbine blades.  That posting had a picture of what areas might be subject to flicker.  Since then John obtained the actual flicker contours of the proposed Sieman SWT 101 turbines and mapped them onto the Island.

AI Original Contours
AI Original Contours

These contours show how many hours during a year that someone on the ground would have the turbine blades between them and the sun.  They are listed as “worst case” (per the typical European standards) meaning that they assume the blades will be turning, the sun will be shining and there are no trees blocking the shadows.  Originally there were contours at 200, 100, 50, 30, 20, 10, 5, 2 and outer limits.

Going one step further, I’ve taken those contours and positioned them per the draft plan from Algonquin.   In the interest of homing in on the generally-accepted (in Europe) limit of 30 hours I reduced what I worked with to just the 10, 20 and 30-hour contours which are marked in the above picture.  I also changed the original hard-to-see 30-hour color to orange so it would show up better in the closeups.

As you can see from the contours above, a larger area than what I show in the closeups is actually affected.  And since Amherst Island is rather compact relative to typical wind project areas, quite often a location will get flicker from more than one turbine, so the effects shown here are conservative.

I’ve started out with a selection of areas where I thought the effects would be the greatest.  If anyone out there has a particular location of interest please let me know and I can create a new map pretty easily.

Link: AI Flicker Photo Album

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