APAI on the Health Canada Study

Health Canada, an agency at the Canadian federal level, announced a study of the health effects of wind turbines several months ago.  While any study is welcome, the history of government-abetted coverups of the problems has made most opponents wary.  The initial study proposal looked pretty good for a start, including (for example) actually measuring the noise at even the low frequencies and actually going out into the field (unlike almost all previous health “studies”).

But still there were some indications that this study wasn’t being set up to be a truly honest and serious attempt to get at the truth.  Echoing those concerns, APAI has published a letter to the Health Minister and a supporting commentary.  Having read all the studies mentioned in the commentary, I can vouch for the its accuracy.

APAI, Letter to HC Minister Aglukkaq

APAI, Commentary on the HC Study

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