TheTrillium Lawsuit Timeline

Trillium wants to build a rather large wind energy project just west of Main Duck island.  In February 2011 Ontario placed a moratorium on offshore projects in the Great Lakes, citing scientific uncertainty about their effects on the marine environment.   Although Trillium had no contract with anyone, there had probably been some verbal understandings upon which Trillium depended.  In any event they sued Ontario for $2.25B – yes, that’s  a “B” – for lost profits and so on.  Here’s the timeline.

September 29, 2011.  Trillium launches its lawsuit.

August 14, 2012.  The lawyers are busy presenting their cases to the judge.

October 19, 2012.  Trillium’s case is thrown out.

November 6, 2012. Trillium appeals.

I’ll keep adding stuff as this case continues.  I wonder if all the lawyers are counted as part of Ontario’s green jobs.  If so, McGuinty’s 50,000 are within reach…


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