Amherst Island Fire

Talk about being prophetic.  Back in July I posted a letter from APAI to Algonquin warning them about the difficulty of fighting a fire on the Island, and how it isn’t that uncommon for a wind turbine to start a fire.  Well, it wasn’t a wind turbine.  It was an ATV whose hot muffler got it started.  Compared to a wind turbine starting one, pretty small potatoes.  Still, it quickly became rather large and required three fire departments – two from the mainland – to put it out.  Story in the Whig.

No damage was done and more importantly nobody hurt, but there is a cautionary tale in this.  The wind was relatively light out of the North, between 6 and 10 miles/hr (10 and 16 km/hr).  Imagine what might have happened if it had been twice that speed.  All of a sudden the APAI concerns look a whole lot less farfetched.

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