AI – November 7, 2008

November 7, 2008. We assume Windlectric has submitted their bid to the OPA, but of course nothing is public yet, and won’t be until December or so. In the meantime, John Harrison sent this letter, 0.4mb to the OPA. It outlines some reasons they should carefully evaluate (and in John’s opinion, reject) the bid response from Windlectric. Unfortunately, it seems that the OPA does not have a mandate to be responsive to public comments, per this letter, 8kb. UPDATE – The OPA put out bids for 500mw of renewable power in this RFP, with 1500mw to follow later. There are 38 responses to this RFP and if I guess the average capacity is 100mw only a few of the proposals will be accepted. I’ve been checking the OPA web site for any new news and when I hear I’ll post it here.

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