Council Meeting April 8 2013

The next Loyalist Township Council meeting is this coming Monday, April 8, 2013.  It promises to be interesting.  There are 6 items, roughly half the council’s agenda, devoted to some aspect of the project on Amherst Island.  The agenda can be found here, along with links to all of the following.

  1. AI Stone Fences.  The island was originally settled by Irish families, and of course they built stone walls.  Some of these are in very nice condition still, and many of them are threatened by the construction.  BIG – lots of pictures.
  2. Heritage Committee Minutes.  Adjunct to the report they submitted.
  3. Thompson Letter.  Virginia lives on the mainland.
  4. Barr Letter.  Elizabeth lives on Amherst, and is urging Council not to accept the bribe Algonquin is offering for their support.
  5. APAI Letter, March 15.  Reminding the P.Eng.’s employed by the developer that their first allegiance is to the public.
  6. APAI Letter, March 21.  Taking issue with Algonquin’s assertion that residents were now more in favor of the project than they were before.

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