Township Wants a Say

The Loyalist Township Council has long expressed concerns over its lack of input to renewable energy projects, particularly the wind energy project on Amherst Island.  Recently the Council passed a motion as related in the Kingston Whig:

“The motion, passed at Monday evening’s council meeting, requests that Premier Kathleen Wynne and either Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli or Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Linda Jeffrey meet with council members.”

So far Wynne has had several meetings with people and groups opposed to wind energy projects, but no action has resulted.  I am not holding my breath waiting for any.  Meeting with people and pretending to care about their opinions is easy.  It will be a great deal more difficult for Wynne to make the kind of decisions that will provide relief for the rurals.

Kingston Whig-Standard, “Township wants say”, April 10, 2013

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