Ostrander and Bulletin #3

Just yesterday the environmental review tribunal revoked the MOE’s approval for Gilead’s Ostrander Point project.  This was the very first time in Ontario that a wind project has been rejected.  I’m not sure what recourse Gilead has at this point.  I imagine they could come up with a new plan and new mitigations but at some point you’d think they would just cut their losses and run.  The fact that Gilead is willing to undergo all this effort and expense for 9 wind turbines shows just how lucrative they must be.

This ruling may be important for Amherst Island, as they are close together (30km), have similar characteristics and similar wildlife issues, including Blanding’s turtles.  APAI issued bulletin #3, which celebrated the Ostrander Point decision and related its relevance for Amherst Island.


APAI, Bulletin #3

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