Harrison to the MOE on Noise

John Harrison has been studying the noise produced by wind turbines for a number of years.  Recently he submitted a report to the Ontario MOE going over (yet again) the many reasons the actual measured noise levels are far above what the Ontario noise limits and even farther above what was predicted by the proponents.  He has every reason to believe that the actual noise levels that will be experienced by many of the residents of Amherst Island will likewise be above Ontario’s limits.

His evidence for this belief is substantial.  In this report he presents 3 case studies where the measured noise levels were above Ontario’s limits.  Two of those case studies (Lormand/Ashbee and Libby) have appeared on windfarmrealities previously.  Added is a case study at an unknown location in the Melancthon area.

If history is any guide, the MOE will do everything in their power to deny the obvious in their zeal to keep the wind turbines turning.  With this report, along with many others, they cannot claim ignorance.  So allowing the violations must be willful.  I’d think there would be a lawsuit in there somewhere.




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