Hatch’s Map

Some members of APAI (the anti-project group, the Association to Protect Amherst Island) decided to send a one-pager to all the island residents letting them know what to expect in terms of noise and flicker.  As they dove into the developer’s noise map and flicker study they quickly discovered that the noise map was largely unusable and the flicker study made no sense.

As a result, one Deborah Barrett, who fairly recently moved to the island, wrote a letter to Doris Dumais at the MOE, stating that in view of such shoddy work the application ought to be deemed incomplete and returned to Windlectric/Algonquin.  The letter is six well-written pages long and is very readable, and it gives you a sense of just how uncaring/careless/arrogant/entitled (your pick) the wind project developers are.


Barrett, Letter to Doris Dumais

Windlectric/Stantec/Hatch, Design and Operations Report.  The map in question is on pdf page 124 of the 147 pages.

Windlectric/Hatch, Flicker Study.  Their table B.1 lists the amounts of flicker the affected receptors get, and it makes no sense.

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