APAI Letter to Wynne

APAI wrote a letter to Kathleen Wynne late in January, requesting that her government take a look at the cumulative effects of all the industrial projects now underway on and around Amherst Island.  Right now there are 4 major projects in the works: Windlectric’s wind turbines, MOT’s ferry dock, TransCanada’s gas generating plant and LaFarge’s cement plant expansion.  As the letter states, “To call this ‘public consultation’ is ludicrous. It is simply impossible for the Association and the Island community to make meaningful comment when the Government has not put in place the processes required to fully understand the impact of multiple concurrent projects.”

The letter is 3 pages long and is well worth a read, and provides a sense of just how angry most island residents are at the government’s continuing disregard for their welfare.  The last 4 pages are copies of the public notifications of 3 of the 4 projects (LaFarge hasn’t been published yet).

APAI, Letter to Wynne

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