AI – August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009. As mentioned earlier (August 2008), the Federal government (in addition to the Province) has an Environmental Assessment process that gets triggered by a variety of circumstances.  I opined that Windlectric would do everything in their power to avoid these triggers, as: In the event that a wind plant is developed on Amherst Island, or any other new wind energy facilities are proposed within the Project’s CEA study area, it is expected that the new project(s) will conduct a cumulative effects assessment if a federal EA is triggered. This should include the WIWP and any other reasonably foreseeable and certain projects at that time. A Cumulative Effects Assessment would be a big deal, covering the entire eastern end of Lake Ontario. One of the triggers is if the Federal government: Exercises a regulatory duty in relation to a project, such as issuing a permit or license that is included in the Law List Regulations. Amherst is an island and is separated from the mainland by a navigable body of water. The necessary underwater power cables thus require a permit (as they did on Wolfe), which would trigger the EA, which in turn would trigger the CEA. There have been rumors – which they will not comment on – that Algonquin has abandoned the project. There are also reports that Gaia/Windlectric has started releasing some option grantees from their obligations, and reducing payments to others. If this is significant remains to be seen.

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