AI – May, 2011

May 18, 2011. John Harrison, as part of the APAI, sent this letter to the Amherst Island residential mailing list. Like everything John writes, it is clearly written and quite accurate. Most likely it won’t change anyone’s mind, but I guess there’s no harm at this point in trying. There’s still no word on who has signed what, where the turbines will be, where the substation will be, and maybe most importantly, where the dock will be.

May 13, 2011. Algonquin Power Co, the developers of the AI project, mentioned it in one of their press releases [backup copy]. The “class III turbine” they mention must refer to an IEC 61400 class designation – they are made lighter than class I or II turbines, and thus can extract more energy out of lower wind speeds. The tradeoff is they are not able to tolerate higher wind speeds,not to mention higher capital (and maybe operating) costs. They are estimating it will generate 247GW-H per year. That’s 37.6% CF, which would make it the most productive wind project in Canada, by far. I wonder where they are getting their wind data from.

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