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AI – September 20, 2008

September 20, 2008. The new Gaia-Algonquin partnership, named Windlectric Inc., made a presentation, 0.3mb to the Council and to a large number of attendees. This part of the meeting lasted a total of maybe 30 minutes. April Meyer of Algonquin was the only proponent presenting; unfortunately her PC wasn’t working so she had to borrow a printed copy of the above linked presentation so she could give it. I was there; some of my notes:

  • They have 55 options signed.
  • They won’t have any details, like turbine sites, until after the open house on Oct 5.
  • The OPA has a gag order in place on all responses to their recent bid openings, so nobody can talk about just how big the project will be. UPDATE – I read through the OPA RFP and there’s no mention of a gag order in it (at least not on the responders – the OPA does have restrictions), except for prices. I’m betting that they just don’t want to talk specifics right now, and don’t want to admit it, so they put the blame on the OPA.
  • They will be using turbines in the 1.5 – 2.5mw range.

John Harrison representing CPAI addressed the council. His main points were that CPAI will vigorously oppose the project, by:

  • Raising health issues for anyone within 1.5 km of a turbine.
  • Raise any issues relating to damaging nature – especially birds and bats.
  • Use Provincial, Federal and International rules, regulations and treaties to block the project.
  • He provided 3 reasons why he thought CHD pulled out:
    1. Environmental issues
    2. The strong opposition from Amherst Islanders.
    3. The marginal wind resource.

Kevin Archibald then addressed the council (and the audience as well) in his impassioned style, reviewing a number of reasons why this project is a bad idea.

AI – August 2008

August 2008. Canada Hydro Developers (CHD) are developing Wolfe Island, and held many of the turbine options on Amherst Island as well. Several months ago they sent a letter to all the option sellers and other landowners saying they were bowing out of the Amherst Island development. They didn’t give any firm reasons why, but in retrospect I think they wanted to free themselves of their commitment to not develop Amherst “in the foreseeable future”, which was made to Environment Canada so they could avoid a Cumulative Environmental Assessment. That left Gaia, the holder of the rest of the options and which seems to be a one-man shop (a Mr. Samit Sharma), without a developer. I figured Mr. Sharma wouldn’t just walk away from his investments in options and a wind-metering tower, so he’d have to go looking for another developer. Soon enough, he found Algonquin Power, a publicly-traded UIT that seems to mostly be in the financial end of things, but can develop projects also. Together they have stated they will be submitting a proposal to the OPA (Ontario Power Authority) to provide some number of megawatts. Given Amherst Island’s proximity to transmission lines, the OPA will probably look favorably upon the proposal. As I understand it, then the real work for them begins, as they have to come up with a design that meets all the federal, provincial and township rules and their supporting studies. The new partnership has its own name, Windlectric, and sent this letter, 1.2mb to most Island residents, inviting them to become part of the project.