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AI – July 2008

July 2008. Amherst Island is part of Loyalist Township, and the township is in the midst of re-doing its 5-year plan. A major part of that plan now concerns wind turbines. The Township staff updated the plan (creating the first draft) and during June held a series of meetings to get public comment. Out of those discussions came the second draft, 34kb., with the changes noted in red. This second draft will be discussed and voted on by the Council in September. I see a fair number of good (in my case, good = more protection for residents) things in this draft, and as always there’s a few things that could be improved. It looks like they have reinstated NPC-104, from which Ontario had arbitrarily exempted wind turbines. But even this does not get the setbacks to where most health organizations think they ought to be. My noise section contains a fuller explanation of all of this. UPDATE – as of early December 2008 the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing deleted the Township’s reinstatement of NPC-104. It is presently being appealed, with little hope of a reversal. John Harrison wrote this letter to the MMAH, which contains a nice description of the issue.

Just as a start, here’s a map of the original Vector project, 11kb. Six years later I came across a Beacon article about a presentation the Vector salesman made to AIMS, the local mens society, about the project. It is interesting how naive everyone was back then.

If the project would have stayed this small, there probably wouldn’t have been the furor we now see. But just like Wolfe Island, the project grew, in secret, until the locals were faced with essentially an industrialization of the entire Island.

Vector became CREC which became part of CHD – Canada Hydro Developers. I came upon the original Vector contract, 4.1mb, which seems to be for just the wind metering tower. In it there’s provisions for the subsequent turbines for 30 years, but it’s unclear to me if that required further negotiation or if there was a separate agreement that is specific for each lessee. In any event, all these contracts were apparently released by CHD when they abandoned the project.