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Trillium Main Ducks

Trillium Power has proposed a project for the “windward” side of Main Duck Island, which is located in the eastern basin of Lake Ontario, in Ontario waters.  Parks Canada administers the island itself and would likely not take kindly to industrializing it.  But Ontario administers the lake bed and has been encouraging wind energy development.

Below is a clickable picture of what is proposed in the shoals off Main Duck Island, which is located in Ontario. Note how close the shipping lanes (one each side) are to the turbines. 

In February 2011 Ontario announced a moratorium on projects in any of the Great Lakes.  This put a temporary end (everybody expects the moratorium to be lifted once the election is past) to several projects, including Trillium’s.  Even though Trillium has no contract with anyone they still sued, claiming loss of “property rights”.  How this will end is anybody’s guess.  My guess is that the moratorium will be lifted within a few months,  after some face-saving “scientific study” declares that putting turbines in the Lakes does not represent any environmental issues.


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