Amherst Island and Climate Change

Climate change has been a subject of discussion in the current century and it has proved to be a topic that needs to be addressed with speed. Climate change is not only a threat to human beings but also to the environment and other creatures on earth. Islands are great holiday destinations and with the changing weather and climatic conditions, there is a need for us to protect the environment.

On this site, you will get information related to the Amherst and Galloo islands, the effects of climate change on islands, and what is being done to prevent further environmental degradation, especially on the islands. The site also highlights some of the activities on the island that will keep you busy during your holiday, not forgetting tips on how to plan for your dream vacation.

Amherst Island

Located on Lake Ontario, Kingstone, Canada Amherst Island boasts of a wealth of fun activities that will keep you active all through. These activities include bird watching, fishing, cycling, movies and ideal picnics because of its serene nature.

The Amherst wind project which has seen the installation of 26 turbines on the island has caused an uproar among residents with some saying that so little is being done to protect the environment with noise and the risk of low-flying birds colliding with the turbine blades being cited as some of the negative effects of the electric wind project.

With many multinationals, governments and businesses coming together to address climate change challenges, online casinos have not been left behind with some sponsoring events and activities aimed at addressing this issue.