Protect Amherst Island Campaign

The campaign to protect Amherst Island started as a result of the approval by the Loyalist Township for the proposal to build 26 wind turbines on the island. The project has so far been completed, and questions have been asked on what needs to be done to protect the once hidden town before its natural resources are destroyed by pollution. There is also a need to conserve the island, as it is home to many wild animals and bird species. The following are some of the reasons that many locals have opposed the project.

The Significance of Amherst Island

  • Its an Important Bird Area (IBA)

The entire Amherst Island is globally recognized as a route for migrating birds. Thousands of these birds use this route as their highway during the fall and spring migration season. The island also offers a safe haven for the birds to rest during the migration across the lake, and even a feeding ground for them to get enough strength to take them back south.

  • Habitat for Wintering Hawks and Owls

The island is home to numerous owl species, with 10 being recorded during a single winter season. It is also a breeding ground, and during the winter you will be amazed by the number of birds on the island.

  • Its Location

Located on the Atlantic migratory flyway, the area experiences seasons of visual impairment due to fog and other weather conditions. This may hinder the migrating bird’s visibility, increasing the probability of collisions between the turbine blades and the birds.

  • 2nd in Biodiversity Significance

With the Northeast coast of Lake Ontario consisting of 911 islands, Amherst island has been voted as the second best in terms of biodiversity and conservation, only behind Wolfe Island which is larger than Amherst Island. However, the construction of these turbines has possed a threat to the islands biological diversity.