Visiting Amherst Island

If planning your next vacation destination or a weekend family outing, Amherst Island is one of the best places in Kingstone, Ontario, Canada. The good thing about this island is that you will be spoilt with options on what to do while on your holiday. You do not have to worry about accommodation, because on the island you will find many places to stay, and entertainment facilities, in case you want to remain for longer.

Amherst is sometimes referred to as the hidden island because it has maintained its genuine authenticity with beaches and tree cover, as well as cultural preservation. Some of the activities on the island include fishing, cycling, sailing, scuba diving and bird watching, with the region being a stopover for migrating birds.

The Amherst Ferry

To start off your thrilling experience, the Amherst ferry is the only mode of transport to and from the island. Though the residents who want to visit the neighboring islands are now used to traveling by ferry, visitors might find the boat enjoyable and fun, especially if exploring with your family or spouse.

Ferry tickets are purchased once you board, and it’s on a cash basis. If you are driving, you don’t have to worry, because the ferry can carry both people and automobiles. The ferry ride takes only 15 minutes, and its a smooth crossing as you enjoy the cool breeze from the freshwater beneath.

Stella, Ontario

When the ferry reaches the island, you will disembark, and you are right downtown in Stella, Ontario. There, you will see the Stella General Store, and you won’t regret browsing through to see what it has to offer, before heading right inside the island. Amherst Island is largely dominated by pastoral scenes; why not consider staying at one of the many farmhouses during your vacation?