Galloo Islands Wind Project

Hounsfield Wind Farm

In 2007 a private company made an application to the Hounsfield Town Planning Board for approvals to construct a wind farm on Galloo Island with an initial target of setting up 32 wind turbines on the island. The plan was also to erect electricity transmission lines, employees quarters, docking areas as well as water and waste treatment facilities.

However, in 2011, this ambitious plan was dealt a blow after the New York Power Authority rejected an offer to buy electricity from the wind farm. To add on this, the New York State Public Service Commission also denied the private company the permits to construct a power line of about 82km in length to a power substation in the neighboring Town of Mexico.

What Was At Stake?

Residents of Henderson Town were opposed to the construction of the Galloo Island wind farm while the residents of Hounsfield Town were in full support of the project. Each side gave its opinion on the matter depending on what was at stake.

  • Hounsfield Town

The residents were in support of the project with reasons such as that the farm would pay taxes in agreement for 20 years and support the town especially the Central District School as well as the creation of jobs during construction that would help support the local hospitality industry.

  • Henderson Town

Environmental issues made up a bulk of the reasons why these residents were opposed to the construction of the wind farm. These issues include:

– Being home to a number of native birds, many birds would be killed by the turbine blades.

– The underwater transmission lines to a substation in Oswego would be a threat to fish habitats, many fishermen and hunters would also be discouraged hence having an effect on the number of visitors.

– The turbines would block the beautiful sunset view on the island.