News on Climate Change

Climate change is perceived as one of the most threatening issues in the 21st century. With the rising sea levels and the changing temperatures, there is going to be an unpredicted change in where people live, grow crops and build cities. Though there are many factors accelerating climate change, human activities have been termed as the primary contributor through global warming.

Our Generation Failed

Apple’s CEO has admitted that his generation failed on issues regarding climate change. He said that there has been too much talk and little progress in addressing climate change. Speaking to Tulane University graduates, Cook challenged generation Z to walk the talk and ignore the political noise, which has slowed down discussions that may lead to findings solutions to climate change. Cook also expressed concerns with the rise in natural disasters, such as the hurricanes and cyclones that have seen many people displaced, while others have lost their lives.

UN Climate Change Summit 2019

We are in a race that we must win, and it will take the intervention of all players in society to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. The UN Secretary General has convened a summit in September 2019 to access what has already been done, and agree on what needs to change to tackle this challenge.

Earth Day

Earth Day, or global day for mother earth, is celebrated on the 22nd of April each year. The day is marked by over a billion people from 192 countries, and during this day, organizations and individuals come together and participate in activities aimed at making the environment better for the future generations. Major achievements which can be credited to Earth Day, include the Paris Climate Agreement that addresses global warming and the 2010 “a billion trees” project that aimed at planting one billion trees, which was achieved in 2012.