Visiting the Galloo Island

Galloo Island is located on the eastern side of Lake Ontario in Jefferson County, New York. The shoreline of the island is low and marshy, and extends for around 16km; it’s on the western side of a group of four islands including Stony Island, Little Galloo Island and Calf Island. The island is a tourist destination, and it’s preferred because of its close proximity to the New York mainland and the border between the USA and Canada.

The cliffs which are 20 meters tall extending for around 4.8 kilometers on the shoreline are the most noticeable natural features on the island. On the island, you will also find different wild animals including raccoons, whitetail deers, fox, wild turkey and a variety of duck species.

Planning Your Visit

When choosing a destination for your vacation, its vital that you plan your trip in advance, to avoid inconveniences which may ruin your stay at your chosen destination. When traveling to Galloo Island, the following are some tips which will help make your trip an exciting and enjoyable one.

How to get there

The island is accessible by yacht or medium-sized boats, which may dock at the two natural harbors on the island via the St. Lawrence River. Watertown Airport, which is just around 23km away, is used to link travelers from other regions of the world to the Galloo Island airstrip, which is only accessible by private planes.

Things to do on Galloo Island

Once you have landed on Galloo island the following are some of the interesting things you can do while on the island.

  • Bird watching

With a variety of birds on the island, bird lovers will enjoy watching different bird species including ducks, goose, and turkeys.

  • Bike riding

There are two trails on the island that are ideal for hiking or cycling with the Galloo Island Road being the longest trail measuring 4.7 miles in total length.