WI – Post Operational

As I get tidbits from Wolfe Island I’ll be posting them here, in chronological order.  For WI’s history before and during construction, with a heavy interest in the bird issues, go to WI – Pre Operational.

April 2010.  CHD has abandoned its commitments in the ERR to restore roads damaged by construction, opting instead for a financial buyout to the township. This was apparently negotiated by the mayor without full disclosure to the council. The final vote included several council members who have a direct financial relationship to CHD.

May, 2010. The first full 6-month Post Construction Follow-Up (PCFP) report was released by Stantec. Hundreds of birds and bats were found dead under the turbines. Wind Farm Realities, my companion site, has the details.

January 18, 2011. I posted a report on property values at Wind Farm Realities.

January 27, 2011. The second full 6-month PCFP report was released, things are not looking good for the birds. Wind Farm Realities, my companion site, has the details.

February 28, 2011. Margaret Duchoda, who lives on Wolfe Island, wrote this letter to Tim Hudak, the PC leader in Ontario who we hope will become the next premier after the October elections. Hudak favors returning control of wind projects to local governments, and mentioned that McGuinty, the current PM, had stopped a project ( WI Shoals) that Kingston had “favored”.

May 5, 2011. Ed and Gail Kenney are appealing the tax assessment on their property on Wolfe and there was an article about it in the Whig-Standard [backup link]. It’s interesting to note all the lawyers on one side of the hearing and just the Kenneys themselves on the other. I’d be very surprised if they found relief. The article did have one tidbit I found interesting – there have been 15 noise complaints, one of which is ongoing. It would be interesting to see what criteria Transalta is using to determine what “resolved” means – is (a) the complainer satisfied, or (b) the noise is “within limits”.

May 13, 2011. The Whig had an article [backup copy] about how the short-ear owls have disappeared from the western end of Wolfe, where the most turbines are. It was also noted that: “Hennige said that from his recent observations, it appears all 10 of the resident red-tailed hawks were victims.” I’m waiting to see how Trans-Alta and Stantec spin this. This was also mentioned at the KFN Workshop last March.

Miscellaneous Stuff
There were a number of letters, opinions and articles about Wolfe in the Kingston Whig-Standard, but the newspaper pulls them after a while. If you are interested in them, wind-watch.org has them archived in the “news” section. Typical is this well-written letter by someone who lives in Kingston. It is accompanied by a comment that is also unusually well-written.

The Lake Ontario Waterkeeper has a link to this Living at the Barricades program, 11mb, 30 minutes that discusses wind projects in Ontario, with Wolfe Island prominently featured, especially in the first 15 minutes. CTV did a 2-part series on wind turbines, and the second part featured Wolfe Island. The links are to the right side of the page.

At least not everyone is upset by the turbines. Someone apparently thinks they’d be a draw. I’m waiting for someone to shank a ball off a blade tip.


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