AI – November 9, 2011

Algonquin and Loyalist Township have been having discussions about how Algonquin would use the township roads on AI to transport these very large components off the “temporary” dock and into position.  Its gotten to the point to where David Thompson, director of engineering for the township, has placed the issue on the council’s agenda for their November 14, 2011 meeting.  Naturally Algonquin and Stantec will always try to minimize the impact of what they are about to do, but read through the following passage and just think what all could (actually, read that as “would”) be included in their plans.

“Due to the size of the structures being considered there will likely need to be considerable temporary or possible permanent realignment of some roads so that the structures can be erected and the electrical transmission corridors developed.”

How should the township respond?  Thompson provides 3 basic possibilities: (1) put it off until later, (2) run to the solicitor, and (3) have the staff work it out, perhaps negotiating for something like what Wolfe did.  I wander if Thompson has checked with Wolfe to see how well #3 worked out.  My information was that after construction CHD abandoned the roads and simply paid the township there some unknown sum to clean things up – which apparently hasn’t been completed yet.

One other tidbit.  The township has apparently been shown the map of where the turbines are going, and that map will be available at the public meetings.  We’ll see.

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