WI Shoals – Harrison Responds

John Harrison has been studying the propagation of noise over water for some time.  The recent push to get the moratorium lifted and use the project as a “test bed” is a cynical attempt to get this project in, and once it’s in the developers are betting (probably correctly) that no matter how destructive its operation is it won’t be shut down.

He has prepared an 8-page report that details just how loud this project is likely to be on the neighboring islands, Wolfe and Amherst.

Harrison, Sound Propagation from Off-Shore Wind Turbine Arrays

One thought on “WI Shoals – Harrison Responds”

  1. Yes, and imagine the noise for anglers, sailors, motor-boats coming to overnight in the Main Duck Is. harbour. The offshore Shoals project is slated to be within 500m. of the south side of this remote, beautiful National Park island!! This could be like camping next to a train track where the train never gets past you. A former owner, John Foster Dulles, will be rolling over in his grave. WE will stop this desecration of one of the last wild places in the eastern lake basin. Please help!

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