Jumping the Gun

The Kingston Whig-Standard had a recent article the featured Brian Little and Amherst Island.  He lives sort of in the middle of the Island, as opposed to most of us who live on the shoreline.  From there he is able to observe more of Algonquin’s activities than many of us are, plus he works on the ferry and sees who is coming and going.

He noticed that crews hired by Algonquin are doing a fair amount of drilling on the island already, well in advance of any approval for their project to go ahead.  As Janet Grace commented, it is hard to determine if what they are doing constitutes “construction”, which would be illegal, or simply “research”, which would not.  Whichever, I can tell you first hand that some of these activities are already impacting the residents of the island.


Whig-Standard: Jumping the Gun on wind turbine project

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