APAI to Fire Marshall

Peter Large, on behalf of APAI, wrote a letter to the Ontario Fire Marshall going over the events of  November 3.  The circumstances surrounding that fire were fairly conducive to bringing it under control with little damage (immediately noticed and reported, small initial start, light winds, leftover moisture from Sandy).  But still it took 19 hours and involved several departments from the mainland, and ended up burning 200 acres.

What bothers Peter, and many of us, is that Algonquin surrounds our homes with an industrial complex and then has no requirements to supply any fire protection at all, instead relying on a volunteer department that has one pumper and one tanker.  What other industry is allowed, even encouraged, to put the neighbors at this level of risk?

APAI, Letter to Fire Marshall, November 23, 2012


2 thoughts on “APAI to Fire Marshall”

  1. The total burn area was 92 acres. No other departments were involved, there was another Loyalist Township station. The fire was not reported for almost 30 minutes. There was no moisture at all. On a normal year that area would have been underwater. It was not 19 hours. No one is surprised that APAI can’t stick to the facts, they haven’t yet!

  2. Islander – I think “other departments” includes any mainland departments, whether they be from Loyalist Township or elsewhere. The critical point is that they have to take the ferry, which necessarily delays them.

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