APAI to Council – Roads

The roads on Amherst Island were never designed for the type of traffic that the wind energy project will require.  Algonquin has contracted with Hatch Ltd., an engineering consulting firm, to figure out what infrastructure changes are needed.  Hatch has sent the Loyalist Council several reports on what some of these changes are as well as a draft agreement for the Council to look at.

The Council put several of them together in one document with 4 sections:

  1. Township Executive Summary (pages 1 through 9)
  2. Hatch Construction and Operations Memo (pages 10 through 16)
  3. Hatch Transportation Memo (pages 17 through 33)
  4. Windlectric Draft Road Use Agreement (pages 34 through 43)

It makes for depressing reading.  11,000 truck loads!  A cement plant on the Island!  A 10 by 50m “temporary” dock!

The Township had a number of problems with the reports as detailed in their summary, most importantly involving how the roads will be strengthened and then maintained.

APAI has drafted a response which points out a variety of problems with Hatch’s reports, most importantly involving the impacts on the residents of the island.  The APAI response included two appendices, the first one of which related the damage to Wolfe Island’s environment caused by the construction of the project over there.  The same promises that we hear for Amherst were made there, to no effect.  The second appendix  involves threatened species’ nesting sites and will remain confidential for now, mainly so nobody goes out and fixes the problem by destroying the nests.

Loyalist Township, Combined Road Document

Loyalist Township, Combined Road Document Backup

APAI, Road Response, November 2012

APAI, Road Response, Appendix A

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