And the Blades?

Wind turbines are indisputably large industrial machines and just because they can produce “green” energy doesn’t mean that they are themselves in any way “green”.  Quite the contrary.  As just one example, think about the blades.  They are large and made of non-recyclable materials.  There’s lots of them and they wear out fairly quickly.   How does one dispose of them?  Other than dumping them alongside a road, that is.

APAI has written a letter to the MOE asking about these issues and so far hasn’t received a reply.  No surprise there.  The Kingston Whig picked the story up and it made front page headlines.

The article’s byline emphasizes that the protestors on Amherst are “trying a new tack” in their efforts to get Algonquin to abandon the project.  This makes it sound like they will try anything and everything to stop it.  That is certainly so, and there is a danger that by raising lots of objections none of them are taken seriously.  The problem is that wind turbines have a large number of downsides to them, all of which are substantive.  So I presume APAI will continue to point them all out, even at the risk of dilution.  Certainly the disposal of the blades is something for which no plan currently exists in Ontario.


Kingston Whig Standard, article, June 28, 2013

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